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Brunei steadfast in protection of children's rights: minister
time:2019-11-21 Source:Xinhua  

Brunei's Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Aminuddin Ihsan reiterated the Sultanate's commitment to protecting and safeguarding children's rights in a special message delivered in conjunction with the Universal Children's Day, which falls on Wednesday.

He said Brunei will continue to strengthen its commitment to ensuring children are always safe and receive their rights.

The minister said that from 2013 to 2018 there was a 40 percent increase in cases of children needing protection in the country. He urged all parties in the country to work together to broaden the platform for the community to lodge complaints and also strengthen the monitoring system so that assistance or intervention can be provided as fast as possible.

The minister emphasized a "Whole-of-Nation approach," involving all government and other agencies in ensuring children's rights are protected in the country.
In conjunction with the Universal Children's Day, the minister said his ministry is working with other government agencies and NGOs in the country to carry out a number of activities, including interactive activities involving a celebration with 100 children from underprivileged families to promote children rights.

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