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China-ASEAN Prosecutors Exchange and Training Base
time:2016-12-09 Source:CAPGC  

The training base is built at the site of the National Prosecutors College of P.R.C Guangxi Branch with a land area of 117 Mu(1 mu≈666.67 square meters)and a total floor area of 43,000 square meters. Equipped with multifunctional classrooms, meeting rooms, library and electronic reading rooms, dormitory buildings for trainees and stadiums, the training base can accommodate 360 trainees and satisfy diverse training needs. In particular, the simulation teaching area highlights the training of professional skills and language labs providing simultaneous interpreting and smart training rooms cater to the special training needs.

Boasting adequate qualified faculty and translators and interpreters, the training base adopts diverse training modes integrating teaching on subjects, on cases, practical training and simulation teaching. Based upon the training needs of the trainees, the base can provide customized training programs. Its faculty consists of full-time teachers, prosecutors, professors from institutes of higher learning, experts in procuratorial work and experts in relevant fields. Thanks to a host of qualified translators and interpreters who are versed in laws, procuratorial work and ASEAN languages, the base can provide top quality translation service. The top quality faculty and translators are reliable guarantees for the training and exchanges between China and ASEAN prosecutors.

Aerial View


Multifunctional Classroom


Electronic Reading Room


Moot Court

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